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Still of the Production 'Speak Boldly: The Julius Eastman Dance Project'

Speak Boldly: The Julius Eastman Dance Project

in collaboration with the Zafraan Ensemble

Taking the history of minimal music and contemporary dance into due account, Christoph Winkler translates three of Eastman’s pieces – "Gay Guerilla", "The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc" und "Femenine" – together with international guests into a choreography that concentrates on the rhythmic qualities and political objectives of Eastman’s music. What inspirations could dance have drawn from Eastman’s work if it had become part of the musical canon? more

Shut up and dance

age 9 and up

Christoph Winkler’s second piece for a young audience addresses the same topics of interest that also fuel his choreographic works for adults: the relationship between language and dance, the ways in which everyday movements become dance and the role of diversity in society. more

Still of the Production 'Boards that Mean the World / Embawo Ezitegeza Ens'

Boards that Mean the World / Embawo Ezitegeza Ens

A collaboration between Christoph Winkler & Robert Ssempijja

A collaborative negotiation of the relationships between contemporary African and European dance. more


Christoph Winkler works with a wide array of different dancer-performers. See here for an overview of all dancers. Every dancer is also directly linked to all productions that they performed in.


See here for an overview of all Christoph Winkler productions. Every production page features detailed information on the production, as well as all dates and dancers. 

About Christoph Winkler

Christoph Winkler, born in Torgau/East Germany, was a multiple Spartakiad winner in the disciplines weight-lifting and judo and studied breakdance and martial arts, before being selected for classical ballet training as a teenager. more